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The most popular nuts used in Indian cooking

Peanuts, almonds, pecans, and walnuts top the list of the most consumed nut varieties in the United States, showing up most often in sweeter items.

A culinary nut is a dry, edible fruit or seed that usually, but not always, has a high-fat content. Nuts are used in a wide variety of edible roles, including in baking, as snacks (either roasted or raw), and as a flavoring. Nuts play a big part in some of the most popular Indian dishes. The most popular nuts used in Indian cooking are Cashew, Peanut & Almonds.

Cashew Nuts : Cashew nut is the fruit from the Cashew tree. It is known as ' Kaju ' in Hindi. Like Coconut it is known for its versatility in Indian cooking. Cashew is the most popular Nuts Used In Indian Cooking. Although you might usually eat a few cashew nuts as a tasty snack, these low-fat nuts are common in Indian cuisine.

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Peanuts : Peanuts and tree nuts are commonly used in Indian food. Sometimes they are not visible because they are ground up and added into sauces. Restaurants with ethnic cuisines such as Asian, African, Indian, and Mexican. Peanuts and tree nuts are commonly found in different ethnic foods, including satay, Panang curry, pad Thai, and some korma sauces. Many Indian restaurants cook with various nuts and may use peanut butter to seal eggrolls.

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Almonds : While the almond is often eaten on its own, raw or toasted, it is also a component of various Indian dishes. Almonds yield almond oil and can also be made into almond butter or almond milk. These products can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

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History of Kebab

Shish Kebab is a dish consisting of small cubes of meat or fish threaded on a skewer and grilled. Şiş, pronounced [ʃiʃ], is a Turkish word meaning "sword" or "skewer." Tradition has it that the dish was invented by medieval soldiers who used their swords to grill meat over open-field fires.

Place of origin: Middle East

Main ingredients: Meat


Ancient Hindu texts, such as Mahabharata, mention a dish made of marinated game meats roasted on large, open fires. Modern-day kebabs in India trace their origin to the influence of the Mughlai cuisine. Kebab's preparation is very similar, but different Indian spices used to create a distinct taste. Though there specific different versions like Tunde ke kabab, Tikka kebab, Shami kebab, Soovar ki Saanth(Pork belly kebabs from Rajasthan) and Rajpooti soolah, which are native to India. Vegetarian varieties of Kebab, made from Paneer or potato are also equally popular and a crowd favorite.

Some famous kebabs are:

- Chicken Seekh Kabab

- Lamb Seekh Kabab

- Kakori kebab

- Shami kebab

- Kalmi kebab

- Kacche gosht ke chapli kebab

- Tunde ke kabab

- Sambhali kebab

- Galawati

- Bihari kebab

- Boti kebab

- Seekh Kebab

- Reshmi kebab

- Lasoni kebab

- Chicken malai kebab

- Tikka kebab

- Tangdi kebab (tangdi meaning "leg of the chicken")

- Kaleji kebab

- Hariali chicken kebab

- Burrah kebab

- Soovar ki saanth (Pork belly kebabs from Rajasthan)

- Rajpooti soolah (Game meat-wild boar, deer & partridge barbecue kebabs made with a special "Kachari" (wild melon) sauce by Rajputs in Rajasthan)

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India Food, and it's Health Benefits

Given a significant range of diversity in soil type, climate, culture, ethnic groups, and occupations, Indian cuisine consists of a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent.

With different climates in different parts of the country, India produces a variety of spices like black pepper, asafoetida, fennel seeds, Indian Bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin seeds, turmeric, mustard seeds, holy basil and much more, not only they taste and smell fantastic, but they also provide some incredible health-boosting benefits. Indian food is also an excellent option as a vast majority of the dishes are plant-based.

Some of the benefits of incorporating a healthy Indian diet -

- High in a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, such as spinach, aubergine, and mango

- High in a variety of spices and herbs, such as ginger and coriander

- Low in saturated fat

- Widely vegetarian

- High in fiber

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5 reasons we love to eat at buffets

When most people think of a buffet, they think of endless plates of food; hours spent eating and moving their belt out a notch. When you are choosing to eat a la carte which forces you to make a decision, typically, you won't order four different meal options to include variety in your meal; you will choose one. Just the amount of choices that one can have during buffet makes it a great deal. Another benefit to dining at the buffet is being introduced to new, foreign things I would have never tried otherwise. Here are five reasons why everyone loves to eat at a buffet -

1. Multiple choices - Abipty to try new things and not at the cost of ordering an entire entree and passing up something you wouldn't have otherwise tried. You can have an enormous selection of food at one meal. For many people, that enjoy eating a variety of dishes, rather than one entree, side, and salad buffet is a perfect meal.

2. Unpmited quantity - At a buffet, when you pick a particular dish, you can retake as much as you want. There is no eating quantity permit at a buffet, so make sure you walk in with an appetite to eat and try different things. You can easily go for seconds if you have enjoyed a particular dish.

3. Time saver menu - At a buffet, what you see is what you get. The food's always ready. It's nice not to wait when you are hungry, tired, or busy, for the waiter to take an order and have the kitchen prepare the food. As opposed to table service, which has a pre-set schedule for serving each course, buffets are self-serve. Guests can skip appetizers and begin with entrees if they choose.

4.Sticker shock - Buffet price is fixed, and there is no guesswork. It generally is the best deal any restaurant offers for the choices & quantity of food.

5. Self-service - At a buffet, you can take pottle or lot of any dish. Research also shows that buffets have the least amount of food wastage.

Guests can socialize : Table service invokes a more formal atmosphere as you have to remain seated for the whole meal. A buffet allows you to move around and chat with other people, creating a casual and comfortable environment.

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