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the Naan is a legitimate Indian eatery that uses the freshest fixings and flavors to give you scrumptious Northern Indian dishes. the Naan conveys on the guarantee of its signature with a valid, yet exquisitely present day go up against Indian cooking. The group shares a dream without bounds for Indian cooking, an undertaking to enhance the purest customary and provincial foods, while at the same time making creative, present day dishes and understanding.

The Restaurant

Every dish achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour mixes of Indian flavors — even dessert.

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We highlight a lunch buffet, happy hour and Fine Dinner. Our dishes are district particular, and they are enlivened from the core of Northern India, from the territory of Punjab. Our eatery is known for the "genuine taste of India." Our chefs have more than 25 years’ experience and have spent significant time in the lines of Authentic Northern Indian food..

They do their work with energy and take pride in the sustenance they serve. Their central goal is to fulfill the client's needs keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the scrumptious taste. We offer numerous choices to look over, for example, veggie lover, fish, chicken, sheep, and goat. We use 100% halal meat for all our cooking needs.




Cuisine genius Raman Bindra, motivated to share his affection for the sustenance and culture of his local India, amassed a capable group to make a world-class eatery that would re-characterize how Indian cooking is displayed on the universal stage



From the Northern Indian origin, Sachin has a great taste and experience in the hospitality industry and brings the great taste of India to the table. His famous dishes include Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh Lamb Curry



Chef Prashant comes from Bombay, India and is very close to Indian delicacies of snacks including Pav Bhaji & Chilly Chicken, He is the main person to make sure appetizers are served at its finest and people love appetizers more than anything else.